How did I get perfume production?
When my friend asked me to make the scent of candles, I did not know how complicated the task I was doing. We wanted to use natural scents and so I started to work with essential oils. I borrowed books on aromatherapy and started studying.

I wanted candles to have some added value, not just that it smells good. I create fragrances that influence the stress levels, soothe the airways, improve mood and satisfaction in relationships. I took my candles home and tested it on myself and my whole family.

I was excited! At that time I dropped the spell of essential oils. I started adding them to the shampoos and oils I made from the herbs in the summer. It smells beautiful and the skin is radiant and soft. A lot of people asked me what I use for a special perfume. So I thought I’d make perfume!

What was my first perfume?
My first perfume was one-component from Gerania, because I love her fragrance and calm me in the time of stress that will meet me from time to time. It was no more complicated than my man came up with an idea! Husband likes oriental scent, so he asked me to make him one. Well, it was a nut! I spent several days searching for ingredients and reviewing and reading books about perfumes. But in the end, amazing cardamom perfume was created with ginger, cinnamon, geranium, jasmine, cedar, vetiver and benzoe.

My husband was excited and surprised to have created exactly what he imagined. But you will not find it! If I create perfume for a particular person, I always leave it only for a recipe with a name. I gained confidence and started working. For almost a year I’ve been exploring how the scents blend together and what to combine to make it the smell I’m imagining. I hope I have succeeded and customers will be happy.

What do my perfumes contain?
Perfumes contain only natural ingredients. I knew from the very beginning that none, unless the natural chemical compounds contained my perfume. In base is jojoba oil,

which contains C-esters of fatty acids and vitamin E. These substances prevent galling and act as a natural preservative. Essential essences come from different parts of plants, resin, wood, honey and seeds in the form of essential oil. This is obtained by cold pressing, distillation and other methods.

All perfumes contain over 20 % of essential oils.

Are oils certified?
I knew the essential oil supplier and knew he had the quality oils I give to my skin every day.

Only later did I find that it had almost all substances certified as ORGANIC at ADITI Organic Certifications Pvt. Ltd.

Perfumes therefore contain 95% of organic ingredients. This means that no artificial fertilizer or pesticide has been used for growing in 95% of the ingredients. The remaining 5% are also natural substances, for example using a solvent such as benzoin. Essential oil is produced by extraction with Styrax resin spirit.

In the end, there are only negligible traces of these substances, but for this reason it can no longer be organic.

Why use my perfumes?
Because they are made with love and humility to nature and to man himself. I want to smell, not to cover my natural smell, the musk, whatever we call it. Fragrant ingredients combine with your skin naturally thanks to jojoba oil, which additionally hydrates the skin and is well tolerated by allergens. In addition, it slows down the scent of smell, and thus lasts longer. It’s the smell that goes with you and not you …

You will try and will not want to!